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Ballpoint Pens - BLACK (#12/pkg)
Ballpoint Pens - BLUE (#12/pkg):
Batteries - AA (each):
Batteries - AAA (request QTY):
Binder Clips - Small, Medium, Large (box):
Box cutter (each):
Box cutter blades (pkg):
Calculator (each):
Cash Register Tape 2-PLY (#10/pkg):
Cash Register Point-of-Sale (POS) Paper (#50/case):
Compressed Air (each):
CREDIT CARD Thermal Paper 1-ply (#12/pkg):
Dry Erase Markers - BLACK, RED, or BLUE (each):
Highlighters - yellow or assorted (each):
Ink Refill (BLUE) for self-inking stamps (each):
Ink Refill (RED) for self-inking stamps (each):
Ink Refill (BLACK) for self-inking stamps (each):
Paper Clips - Standard (box):
Paper Clips - Large (box):
Paper for Printer (case):
Paper - Sticky Pads/Post-its 3"x3" size only (each):
Permanent Markers (Fine point-BLACK) (box of 12):
Permanent Markers (FINE point-BLUE) (box of 12):
Permanent Markers (FINE point-RED) (box of12):
Rubberbands - thin size #19 (1lb bag):
Rubberbands - regular size #33 (1lb bag):
Rubberbands - large size #117 (1lb bag):
Scissors (each):
Scotch Tape (each):
Sharpies (ULTRAfine point-BLACK) (box of 12):
Sharpies (ULTRAfine point-BLUE) (box of 12):
Sharpies (ULTRAfine point-RED) (box of 12):
Staples, 1/4" regular size #35108 (#5000/box):
Staples, CROWN B8 (#5000/box):
Staples, HC #35550 - high capacity (#2500/box):
Tape 1" (each):
Tape 2" (each):
Telephone Cord (each):
Time Recorder Ribbon - VIS6008 (each):
Toner (submit model # of toner or machine):
Whiteout/Correction tape (#3/pkg):


Bar Code Labels (case):
Baskets for Filling Prescriptions (each):
Paper Bags #2 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #4 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #6 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #8 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #10 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #12 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #20 (#500/pk):
Paper Bags #65 (#500/pk):
Zipper Plastic Bags - Quart (box):
Zipper Plastic Bags - Gallon (box):
Reusable Fabric Bags - HM (case):


Cleaner - Windex Refill (each):
Cleaner - 409 Refill (each):
Garbage Bags - small 13 gallon (box):
Garbage Bags - large 33 gallon (box):
Dishsoap large bottle or refill (each):
Handsoap Refill (each):
Paper Towels (case):
Sponges (each):
Swiffer 360 Duster Refills (box):
Swiffer DRY Sheet Refills (box):
Swiffer WET Sheet Refills (box):
Tissue/Kleenex (box):
Toilet Paper (pkg or 10 rolls):

$$$ CHANGE $$$

$1 Bill(s):
$5 Bill(s):
$10 Bill(s):
Pennies (1 cent) - 50 cent rolls:
Nickels (5 cents) - $2 rolls:
Dimes (10 cents) - $5 rolls:
Quarters (25 cents) - $10 rolls:


COLD ICE (case):
Liners for Cold Packages (small or large-by case):
Bubble Bags (#150/case):
Padded Envelopes #0 - small (#150/case) :
Padded Envelopes #2 - large (#100/case):
Stamps (indicate denominations and amounts):


Brita Filter Replacements (each):
PUR Filter Replacements (each):
Light Bulbs (please explain):
Other (short description):

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